Images North East
A collection of historical images focusing on the North East of England.
Images North East
By Paul Menzies
Teesside’s most iconic landmark celebrates its centenary on 17 October 2011. To commemorate the occasion Images North East presents a number of historic prints which feature the bridge. Included are a collage print highlighting the opening, a quad tone sepia print of the bridge in 1921 and a print in full colour image also from the 1920’s.
Because I have been able to make my living from that which I enjoy the most; my passion for history and my love of photography.

I have sold more than forty thousand books. For fifteen years I ran my own successful picture company, Memory Lane Enterprises. Today, I would like to share with you a selection of Historical and Contemporary prints from the collection that I have acquired during my travels through the years. Prints of a bygone era when life was conducted at a far more leisurely pace; prints of a time when people held a different set of values, perhaps, than they hold today.

Better times? Well, I'll have to let you be the judge of that ... but they were certainly different times and if my books and photographs can bring back happy memories and perhaps cause you to smile, then I have achieved my goal.

"I consider myself to be a very fortunate man ...."

I have a very large collection of Historical Prints, produced from the original postcards, that can be supplied in various sizes for personal pleasure or commercial use.

Paul Menzies. Author, historian and photographer of the North East
A great many of us have old photographs that have been scratched or otherwise damaged through the onset of time. In most instances, I can restore these to their former glory ....
Photo Restoration
The Transporter Bridge
Tel: 07962 179 708. Fascinating digitally restored quality images of the North East in the past, featuring a wide number of towns and villages as they were a century ago. Details of a full image restoration service also available. Webshop and much more online now.
A collection of historical images focusing on the North East of England.
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